Sunday, October 21, 2007

39 Weeks!

I had Phillip snap a belly pic before going to the Halloween Party. If you look close you can see the stretch marks on my hips. We are both getting really anxious to meet this little one.


Andrea said...

Super cute...and so exciting! I hope this little girl comes soon! BTW, my attitude about stretch marks is that although they aren't the prettiest things ever, 1) nobody will ever see them anyway, and 2) the they are soooo worth it! Can't wait to hear your news!

Poe said...

AH! I'm so excited for you!! 39 weeks?! Wowzers - her debut could be any moment! Can't wait to see pics of her! Also - I got stretch marks when my milk came in (sorry if this is too much info for anyone reading); but they faded and I can't even see them anymore. So who knows if your little pretty mark will stay or not. But really, I think battle wounds are hot. ;)

siddoway said...

I am so excited for you!! Little girls are so fun. they add so much to your life. I can't wait to see her cute little face! take care- hayley