Friday, February 29, 2008

We're Converted!

We did it!  We bought a Mac Desktop 20".  It is so smooth and beautiful.  Why a Mac you ask?  My answer is Why Not!  We have had the same laptop for over 5 years and it had become a slow dino.  Downloading and surfing is much faster now, not to mention the bright and big graphics.  Mac anyone?


tintletown said...

We've decided to take the plunge as well, we've been without a PC for two months and I've about had it. We bought one last night, but have decided to take it back and exchange it for the one coming out next week. I am dying here, I'm so behind on my photo albums.

I miss you! I haven't seen my little niece for way too long, she needs her Auntie.

Jake & April said...

My sister is a mac-a-holic and she keeps trying to convert us...we'll see if she succeeds. I'm glad you like yours. It's always nice having something that works better, faster, and more efficiently than the previous. Hoo-ray for you!

Meg'n'Josh said...

looks like fun...i don't really know pro's and con's of either...i'm just glad you have a computer to blog and keep in touch. :o) about time for some girl-time right? a basket full of pastries sounds pretty good right now!!!