Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy 28th

I find myself really reflective around my Birthday.  Sometimes I get so consumed with what I want or need, when really, I have everything and more.  I have an adorable daughter that I am completely crazy about (in the background with the binki), I have the most amazing and extremely helpful husband, I have a wonderful family that I love hanging out with (who even on your 28th birthday, make you signs, cook your favorite dishes, and drive a good distance to show their love).  I am a very blessed individual and this next year, I will remind myself and be thankful of that daily.  


Chris and Tara said...

I think it's great that your family makes a big deal out of birthdays still. My family does too and it's such a good excuse to get together, eat good food (chosen by the birthday person) and visit. I hope they keep it up for you :) Happy birthday!

Heidi said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Tiffany! I know just how much birthdays mean in your family because you tried to hard to make mine special! I still remember my first birthday during college when we were roomies! You came in EARLY in the moring and woke me up to sing happy birthday to me! It meant so much to me!!
Hope you had a great day!
Heidi (Danielson) Hiller
your old roomie!