Wednesday, July 30, 2008

9 Months!

So put aside the red eye...isn't she darling?  She is 9 months old today and I love her more than ever.  She holds her own bottle, crawls everywhere, walks around furniture, smiles like crazy, into EVERYTHING, stands up in the bath tub (we've got to put a stop on that one), and is the absolute definition of JOY.  


breyn said...

She is DARLING!!! I can't believe how much she's grown. I just want to kiss those cheeks!!! I NEED to see you (I miss you!). I am so glad you finally put up a new post because it has been a while. Well I love you tons and will talk to you soon! Love ya! Breyn

Beau and Emily said...

She is darling!!! She has the cutest smile, I can't believe how much she is doing...she must be pretty smart!

Andrea said...

I has been so long since you blogged (note my sadness) that I didn't even recognize Jane when I saw this picture. She is so grown-up!! She is seriously beautiful!! I think she'd be a great girlfriend for Trev!