Thursday, September 11, 2008

Half Marathon

I am so proud of Phillip, my sister Hayley, and my brother Darren for running the Top of Utah Half Marathon.  I had absolutely NO desire to join in, yet the running bug has gotten to me.  I am now up to two whole miles!  I can never imagine running 13.1 miles...I'd get so bored.  Plus all the training that went into it is admirable.  It's been two weeks since the race and none of them have gone running since.  I don't blame you guys, you deserve a break!


Lindsey said...

I'm jealous that I'm not in that picture :( Oh well... I was there in spirit!!!

breyn said...

Way to go Phillip!! I am sooooo impressed! You deserve a huge message. Love you guys!!

Megs said...

I'm pretty impressed! Hey Tiff, we should try and do this sometime...come'on!!! It has totally been one of my "dreams" to run some kind of marathon before I die. And who knows when that will be? ;) Better get on it!!