Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cookie Cutters

We went to Aunt Heather's Salon called Cookie Cutters.  It's this fabulous place to take kids to get their hair cut.  Jane sat in a pink car and was completely hooked on Teletubies.  I was very impressed with how still she sat.  After, she got a pink balloon, a cookie cutter (of course), and a sucker.  Heather styled her hair so darling and has shown me a few tricks: kid moose can help with the curls, and the cool things you can do with rubber bands.  Thanks for a wonderful trip Heather!  We'll come again!  (Watch the video, it's one minutes long).


Beau and Emily said...

oh so cute she is so beautiful

Heather said...

Darren and I had to watch that video a couple times, because Jane was SOO adorable. The video didn't even do her justice of how cute she reacted with the teletubbies. It was CLASSIC! It was fun to cut Jane's hair and style it. Thanks for trusting me. I just love and adore little Jane. She always puts a smile on my face and Darrens too.