Friday, November 14, 2008

Diva for a daughter

Sunglasses, sporty vest, pink crocs, and oh yes, a cell phone.  I have a diva for a daughter, and I LOVE it!


Laurel said...

Tiffany! I found your blog through Erin and have spent about an hour look through all your posts. Your little girl is DARLING! I know it's corny but I am so impressed to see all you have accomplished! You can't be married with a daughter! (Erin will always be 12 years old to me even though she has a 2 year old herself :) We bought my parents home here in Orem and just had our 5th daughter. We love girls! I will have to check back often and see how you are doing!

Kendall said...

This is when it started with Elise. It never ends! She's so cute.