Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stake Lagoon Day

I told you I love July. We have so much fun! We spent the evening at Lagoon. It was fun to run in to friends. Jane had a blast going on just about every ride in Kiddieland. Not to our surprise she was in heaven. Looking around I think she was the youngest kid on all the rides. Phillip and I know that Jane is a dare devil and a thrill seeker, so we didn't hesitate buckling her up and waving goodbye on all the rides. Once the rides started, she wanted nothing to do with us and found it annoying that we'd yell her name and wave everytime the ride circled around. She had that "Go away Mom and Dad, I'm trying to enjoy my ride" look. We started out on the train as a family, then progressed to the carousel, then to the Bulgy the Whale, boats, cars, then on to bigger and better...the helicopters and airplanes. She would get upset when the ride was over at first, then realized later that oh, we are just going to another ride. Phillip and I were in heaven because Jane was in heaven. This was a monumental occasion for made us realize our baby is growing up. As I write this I'm a little watery eyed. Boy does time fly, everyone says that, and it's true. Gotta cherish these moments, and I believe we are.


Megs said...

That is too cute. She totally is a thrill seeker! I wish my kids were....(big babies!) I'm glad you guys had fun...wish we could have met up with you. Maybe next time! Loves.

The Kailing Family said...

so fun!! she LOOKS so grown up with those pig tails! miss you!

The Steffens Family said...

What a great family picture! You look great and have a beautiful family!!!