Saturday, August 1, 2009

July 13

Phillip had a surprisingly wonderful 31st birthday. He had to work most the day, but I surprised him and took him out to lunch...just him and I, no Jane. It was sooo nice. Later on that night we went to Tucano's Brazillian Restraunt (his choice) and met up with a few of my brothers and sisters and mom and dad. The cake I got Phillip was DIVINE! I ordered it from this site . It is called 'The Husband" and is yellow cake with ganache. My sister ordered her wedding cake from them and it not only looks good but tastes amazing. The big present of the night is something Phillip has been wanting for a long time...a smoker. He wants to prefect the art of smoking meat...brisket, pork, turkey, ribs, you name it. I'm excited that I get to be his taste tester. Happy Birthday Phillip!

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