Friday, September 18, 2009

Good News!

Here's the good news...

They swapped out my stinky fridge for one that doesn't smell! Something was wrong with the filter or something. The maitenance guy said that no matter how hard I'd try, I wouldn't get that smell to go away.

I joined a gym today with free child care. It felt great to do a body pump class knowing that Jane was playing and having fun (not stuck in a small apartment). This will get Jane and I out more.

Last night I went to a Relief Society Dinner Group and had a blast. The girls were all so friendly and down to earth. Before we knew it, 2 1/2 hours went by. I asked them what they do for fun around here and I'm getting the idea that the locals stay away from the strip. Interesting.

I found a babysitter that came highly recommended and she's coming tonight so Phillip and I can go to ward temple night. Afterward I've been wanting to try this restraunt called "Hash Hash a Go Go." Martha Stewart featured it, so it's gotta be worth a try. I'm such a creature of comfort and I definitely have my staple restraunts I like to go to, but I'm breaking away and excited try some unique to this town. I'll tell you how it is later.

The weather isn't bad, I'm used to it already. Jane is always saying "hot", so she must be feeling it. Phillip's been riding his motorcycle to and from work and enjoying that, although it's pretty warm.

All good news from Vegas!


Megs said...

So glad about the fridge. :) So glad that you've had a better last few it sounds. :) Tell us how the restraunt was. I love hearing about good food. :)

Megs said...

By the way...go to this link:

You might have already seen this site. If not it has the "it" places to visit, eat, see etc. of certain big cities. So cool. Las Vegas is of course on the list. Salt Lake too. I have a new "to do, to see, to eat" list. I'm excited. LOVE YOU

The Byrd's said...

Great to hear things are going good!! Where are you guys at in vegas??

ARRON N' L!SA said...

i'm pretty dang proud of you my little friend, already jumping in the ward like you've lived there forever. be careful you might get a calling.(maybe they have a striper outreach calling) :) i knew you'd fit right in. i'm so glad for you, what an awsome experience for your little family.
love you and miss you.

The Byrd's said...

I know I have been bad...I need to put up more pics too. We lived in north las vegas. we really liked it and our ward was great! Its crazy Takoa turns 4 sad he getting so big! Kiele is just a little sweetheart she is a tease its so funny I'm just sad TJ has to miss out. keep me updated love ya!