Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When one project finishes...

...another begins.

I actually really like using my cell phone holder that I knitted. If you can tell, my purse is pretty huge (and can do some serious expanding too), so having a quick to get to spot for my phone is coming in handy. Thanks to my Klutz book for teaching me how.

Next project is this sad IKEA table. I bought it five years ago so I could use it for my nephews when they came over to visit. Now it's Jane's art table and boy does it get lots of use. It's starting to look pathetic, dirty, and gross because the unfinished wood soaks up any crayon or marker that comes it's way. I mentioned sprucing this up to my friend Kimi and boy did she give me some inspiration by connecting me to this link IKEA LATT TABLE.

It's almost finished and SO STINKIN' CUTE!!! I just have a few finishing touches to make then I'll post a pic of the final product.


Megs said...

Can't wait to see how it turns out! And thanks for the "inspiration"...I need a project to keep me busy until I find my "place" in this place. Maybe I'll post about it. Love and miss you!

Linzy said...

Hey Tiffany! Yeah we are liking our new place. It's been hard leaving Foxboro and all the good people there, but as more time goes on, we are liking it more and more here. I;'m anxious for spring, so we can go on walks and get to know more people. If you guys sell your town home where do you think you'll go?