Sunday, February 21, 2010

8th Anniversary- December 19th 2009

So I bet you are wondering what we won?

$100...because everyone that plays a game gets a prize, whether they win or loose.

It was sooooo much fun for us to be on TV...although we've been kicking ourselves we didn't take the $1800 dollars. At that point in the game it was a 50/50...50% we could roll one more time and get more money, 50% we would loose it all, so we took the roll for more money. I just wanted the car and was caught up in the moment not thinking straight. Phillip (being the math guy that he is) knew we'd never win the car because rolling all six numbers in six rolls you have a 1.5% chance of winning...that's it! Lame game. Should have taken the money dang it. Oh well, it was fun and definitely the most memorable anniversary.

Here are some other pictures from our 8th Anniversary...after being on the show, we were hungry, so we went to a great steak house called Del far it's the nicest restraunt we have ever been to and the food was divine.

After Dinner we relaxed at the newest hotel on the strip...the Vdara. The rooms were modern and big.

The next day, we woke up and walked over to the Bellagio...connected to our hotel. We ate a delicious breakfast (creme filled raspberry french toast to die for) and walked around the shops. And yes, my hubby treated me to a pair of Tiffany & Co. earings. Thanks Sweartheart! Gotta love that little blue bag.

Where was Jane the whole time? My sweet Father and Mother in law in St. George took Jane happily for the weekend. Thanks a whole bunch! We needed that and enjoyed every minute.


Nate said...

Just so Phillip doesn't think he's alone in the geek club, the first thing I did after I watched you appearance was to calculate the odds at each roll of the dice. I came up with the same answer, in case you were wondering.

Sissy Jackson said...

So glad that you two could get away. That is great. Do you miss Vegas?

Betsy B. said...

Hey Tiffany!! I found your blog through Jess. It looks like you are doing so so well. I'm glad! Congrats on baby #2.


Shanna and Brent said...

tiff you look great!!! what a fun anniversary get away... and congrats on the $100!!!! love ya!

Brad said...

Wow. Sounds like an anniversary to remember!!

annie valentine said...

Hey, I would have tried my luck a hundred times just for the thrill. You played it right, don't question yourself. I love you, you're the best sister in law ever. Thanks for being such a dear friend, I'm glad I've got you forever. Congrats on all the pink repeat!