Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wannabe Designer

Boy do I wish I had money to whole house!!!
As long as we are living on one income...that's not going to happen.

It is seriously in every fiber of me to love and crave design. I'm not crazy about antiques, but a little "one of a kind" can really make a room.

While out today I came across this European Furniture sale on an abandoned corner. I found the following benches that literally gave me chills. Just recently I have been wanting to scrap my dining room chairs and start new (but keep my farmhouse table). Here is my inspiration (designer-Sarah Richardson) and here are the benches I found...

Dining Room Design

They are supposedly from Hungary and made in the 1800's...and they cost $375 each. After looking online, that is a great deal. But even that is a lot of money to me right now. I did end out however, buying a little ottoman that I can't wait to recover for the nursery. It cost me $20. I don't know how to bargain (it makes me super uncomfortable), but perhaps I should try next time.

Here is one more find...grain sacks. They used it to recover these antique chairs $350 each. They had piles of them...I can see using them to make a pillow or two. $35 for each grain sack, and they are huge. Stools $30...the bright orange totally speaks to me.

Anyone in the Draper area...across from Old Navy, in the next two days, should stop buy.


jamirodana said...

I love the whole bench idea with the dinner table. I want a table someday that has a bench on either one or both sides too:)
Very neat, yes, expensive though.
We can dream right?

The Byrd's said...

Tiff I love that you are so creative!! We are redecorating our kitchen and livingroom and I don't now where to begin. If you want to come to alaska and help I would love it!! Its hard to narrow down what to income makes it hard to!! wish me luck!

Megs said...

I too am having a love affair with decorating and design. Haven't scrapbooked in FOREVER, because this stuff seems more fun at the moment! I LOVE the benches. Good Eye!!! "Some day" as Josh says to me at least once a day. (I hate that word, btw) Miss you. I love the car seat cover too. You did an amazing job!

breyn said...

You have GREAT taste (as if that is any surprise)!!!! I love all the things you posted. I am in the same dilemma with always wanting to change things up too but sadly there is never enough money. Jared "claims" I have expensive taste, sorry! I also absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your carseat canopy!!! You are the bomb! It looks absolutely perfect and I am continually impressed by your skills. You are sooooooo talented. I need some sewing lessons from you! Why oh why must I be in Wisconsin!!!!!!!!? I love you! We had our baby on May 1st and named him Rhett (we honestly didn't purposely do the "R" thing with names but it ended up that way). Sorry I never posted a pregnancy picture of me but I will. You know me, my blog is always WAY behind. Love you and miss you! See you soon though (this summer).

annie valentine said...

If it makes you feel better, your house is still way ahead of mine style wise. I love your flair, and you have a great knack for finding simple ways to subtly update your look.

jakenapril said...

so awesome. my sil's friend actually has a business buying old furniture and refinishing it. ( totally amazing...because that is what i can't do. finding the furniture, no problem. doing what i want with it and having the time, not so much.
so great to see you and miss jane the other day. i hope you're enjoying your 4th of july weekend!