Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blessing Day

I love this picture above. It shows four generations... my Granny, my mom, me, and my two daughters. Pretty special.

I love this profile of Paisley...she has the cutest nose.

Here is the star of the show, sound asleep. I decided to put her in the same blessing dress as Jane. I'm glad I did. She looked like an angel.

She wears a bib because it would be a shame to get spit up all over that raw silk...Miss P. suffers from Acid Reflux, poor thing. It's been a long day, lots of attention, lots of people holding her, no decent sleep...binki to the rescue! She cried a little during the blessing, so thanks to Grandpa Keith for trying to hold that binki in. So stubborn.

My little family on our back porch.

I made this banner for the luncheon after, but because of the wind, I didn't put it up. I think I'll hang it in her room for a bit. No, I don't have a Cricket (I wish). I did it the old school way...print and cut out each letter by hand. Totally worth it.

It was pretty special to have both my daughters wear the same shoes I wore when I was blessed.

Something old: My shoes when I was blessed
Something new: The rockstar bow clippy that stayed in her hair the entire time!
Something borrowed: The dress and bracelet, from Jane
Something blue: her eyes and the blue dots on the bib


Amy said...

Way cute sign! What a beautiful day.

Shanna and Brent said...

your family looks so beautiful tiff!!! sorry we couldn't be there...
love ya!

Harmony said...

Great 4 generation photo Tiffany. You guys look so cute!

Megs said...

Tiff! You look amazing...your hair, love it. And of course the girls are little beauties....of course. :) Miss you!

jeremyandholly said...

oh i'm so sad i wasn't there tiff:( it looks like it was a perfect day. miss paisley is surprise there;)
p.s. i'm dying over your dress, shoes, and necklace!! you look amazing!

Jessica said...

Beautiful family!

Raina said...

I feel like I'm out of it! Your beautiful baby came and I haven't even seen the blog until now!! Congratulations!!! She is gorgeous, and you look too amazing to have had a baby! Whatever you are doing.. keep it up!!!