Monday, November 1, 2010


We had such a fun October. We started it out by going to Bryce Canyon. We stayed at Ruby's Inn which was half of the fun.
Phillip was asked to go on stage and boy did he do a good job at entertaining us.
Had to get the picture with the real cowboys. Jane LOVED the Cowboy show.
We are just beginning our walk along the rim from one view point to the other (1 mile apart).
It began to rain, so me and the girls caught some zzzzz's while Phillip kept exploring. He never lets wether get in the way like I do.
I loved this tree.
Some really nice Englanders offered to take our nice.
Jane got tired of walking and Phillip was happy to help.
Breathtaking in person, pictures don't do it justice.
Jane took a field trip to Wheeler Farm.
I love the hair shot.
She was fascinated with all the ducks.
We took an FHE trip to Pack's Pumpkin Patch to pick out the perfect pumpkins.
Oh the fun times when you are small.
Jane was like "what is this?". I told her it was a potty and she was skeptical.
On our way to Joy School.
I love this little smile of Pais.
Jane is so excited for her first day of Joy School.


Heather said...

Such adorable girls! I love your idea of posting once a month. Maybe I'll have to steal it! Can't wait to see what November brings. Hope you're all doing well~

Lindsey said...

Wow, Pais looks SO different that Jane to me! She even has the "Grandma Kay" look down in that first picture (at the pool)... look at it, you know she does! Adorable girls, thanks for the catch-up!

lisa louise said...

I'm loving all the pics. Sorry I have nothing funny or witty to say. My humor must come from my right arm? ;)

Sissy Jackson said...

Man your girls are darling. LOVE your blog. Love seeing them grow! You look FAB by the way.

Carrie said...

Ok, I have decided that I want to be you! I love everything you do! Your daughters are simply gorgeous, as are you! I love the scarf you made for Jane, the beautiful crib stuff for Paisley, your car seat cover (I have been "working" on one for months now!), the rooms for the girls are beautiful!! Love everything! Oo, and where did you get your dining room table? I want one just like it! Well, now I sound like a stalker! Seriously though, you are the kind of creative that I want to be. =o)