Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Promises

1. I know it's cliche...Lose 25 lbs. by my birthday (April 13) let it be written, so let it be done
2. Finish the Book of Mormon
3. Be on time or 5 minutes early (this was on last years list too)
4. Learn Photoshop...make 2011 Christmas Card using my skills
5. Re-upholster one piece of furniture
6. Write weekly in a journal on the computer, focusing on gratitude, my girls, and my relationships.

Here is a tip if you are setting your own resolutions: Make it measurable. Be specific. Don't just say "lose weight," or "read more." Also, make one in each of these areas...personal, spiritual, technology (almost a must), physical, friends and family. Also, don't give up. New Year's Resolutions is just a fancy way to set good, realistic goals and to jump start you into doing something wonderful.


Shane and Linda said...

I have to tell you I think you are so great! You are very talented and I've learned to appreciate you so much over the last few months! Good Luck with your've motivated me to make a few of my own :)

Marci said...

I love your resolutions. You've inspired me! I usually think of a couple, but I never write them down, and I never follow through. I'm gonna write them down this year though. Thanks Tiffany. Gorgeous pictures by the way!

Harmony said...

Go for it Tiff! Good to see you the other night. Thanks for all you did to make the family party a success! The activities for the kids were especially great. Happy New Year!

annie valentine said...

Technology, that is so good. I'm going to learn to burn songs onto disks. Yes, I'm that far behind.

Nana Mare said...

Nana Mare Said...

I love this great picture of all of you! Tiffany like I have said you do so beautiful on your blog.
Great New Yrars resolutions!