Monday, July 2, 2012

To St. George, Dallas, and back

Mother's Day in St. George

Dallas Temple...we did a session with Mark and Lindsey

Spent lots of time cooling off at the pool

Uncle Phillip with the nephews and girls

Lindsey and boys waiting to eat in the cutest little town of Roanoak, TX

Hot but worth the wait to eat at Bubba's

Lindsey and Mark treated us to a Ranger Game

The kids had fun (Pais hated the firworks when they scored a home run).  I'm not sure what they liked more...the baseball game or the gajillion snacks we brought.

When we got back to Utah, we went up to Nana's grave to visit and see the new marker.  It turned out perfect.

Jane drew a picture of her and Nana

"Just call me 'cute little fairy' if you need me"

Haven't missed a FHE yet this year.  Jane wouldn't let me and I honestly look forward to them too.  This is our Testimony Tower. 

Darren, Heather, and Stockton came to town.  We had a great time with them.  I love this little guy.  He is so cute in all the different hats he wears.  He must know it because he doesn't take them off. 

Happy First Birthday Stockton.  You eat that cake!

Went to the zoo with daddy, Dar, and Heather.

Sporting the shades!

Aunts and Uncles are so cool and fun.

They love this stupid elephant that squirts water.


Painting rocks

Painting rocks for the garden

Last year G&G Tintle gave Paisley this outdoor table and chairs with the umbrella.  One of the best presents ever.  We make all sorts of crafts and messes on it.  Pretty much every meal is outside.  We love it. 

I love going to garage sales in the summer.  I love to score barely used toys that still have all the pieces.  It's the only way to buy are way too expensive don't you think?

I've noticed a ton of silly/random pictures on my phone lately...Jane loves to go through the house and take them.  They make me laugh.

Why a picture of a truck?  Well, two weeks ago, Phillip got a "temporary" job with Strata.  He goes up to Grand Teton National Forest during the week and works on roads, the design/quality control part of them.  Being away from family is not ideal and I'm seriously hating it.  I do much better when we are together.  I know I have been spoiled having him home the last four months looking for a job, but I have liked every minute of it.  Being together was the sunshine amongst the stormy clouds that seem to be hanging over us the last 6 months.  This job ends when he finds another one or when the weather get's bad (Novemeber?).  He does get to drive this truck up and back (6 hours each way) on the weekends.  The job is stressful, demanding, tiring, and lonely.  I'm proud of my hard working husband though.  That's a wonderful quality to have and one of the main reasons I married him.    


Nate said...

Congrats on the Job, even if it is temporary. A paycheck is always nice. Has he checked out here in the Uinta Basin? Things are hopping out here!

Megs said...

Hey, hey, hey!!! I feel like it's been forever since I've been on blogger!!! (probable because it has!) I am so glad that you're not a dud (like me) and I got to see fun updates and cute pictures of your family!! I can't believe how big the girls are getting! And of course, you are just as cute as ever....which makes me miss you more!! I hope all is well...yeah for the temp job!!!! You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. :) Hope to see you soon!!! xox