Monday, February 25, 2008

Dressed up for church

Here is Jane dressed up for church. By the end of the three hour block, the cardigan was covered in drool and spit up. What do you do? I guess you could put a bib on, but why cover up such a cute outfit. Oh the price you pay for fashion.


Kailing Krew said...

She is so PERFECT!!!! I just love you guys Tiff!

Jessica said...

That dress is so cute! You both look great! We need to get together for that dinner soon!

Hay said...

Gotta love Old Navy! I can't wait to see you guys next weekend! P.S. if you want to hear a Mika song, I have one on my blog. It's kind of different, but it's happy and upbeat music so I bet you'll like it! Tell Jane hi from her favorite Aunt!