Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Okay girls, listen up. I highly consider the scent "Vintage" by John Varvaots (Italian suit designer) for your man. Make sure it goes well with his body chemistry of course, but I am loving it! We've done the CK, Hugo Boss, Curve, etc. road and needed a change. We purchased it at Nordstrom but I bet you can find it cheaper on line.

Now for perfume. Any ideas? I am willing to try old, new, trendy, classic, whatever! I love the scent I already wear, Oui by Lancome, but I could use a change for special occasions. Suggestions?


ashlee humston said...

My all-time favorite perfume is Emporio by Armani. The other Armani perfumes all smell pretty good but this is my fave. Good luck on your quest for smelling delicious!

Beau and Emily said...

I wear Euphoria by Calvin Kline. I love it...or you could try ciara. ha ha ha. i don't know what just made me think of that. (p.s. that's what grandma kay wore)

Jessica said...

My favorite ever is Angel by Thierry Mugler but I also love Alien from him (or her?!) too. You can get them both at Nordstrom. Expensive, but worth it!