Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The British are Coming!

I love these Brit Singers:
  Kate Nash- "Fidelity", I first heard this song when shopping at American Eagle
  Leona Lewis- I love Everything she sings, her CD rocks! (Do people buy CDs anymore?)
  Adele- "Chasing Pavements", she claims to be inspired by the Etta James, a classic Jazz singer

I just found out that they all attended the same music school in England.  Pretty cool.


Annie Valentine said...

You'll be proud of me, I've been educating myself musically. I ACTUALLY KNOW WHO LEONA LEWIS IS. See? I can learn!

The world should know that you are the best aunt/sister ever. Thanks for last night, this Tuesday gig is the highlight of my week. Did you hear that people? She comes over EVERY WEEK and spends an evening with the boys and "the twins". You are truly amazing.

jakenapril said...

yes...they are...and these ladies are all amazing singers.

Megs said...

Tiff...i Love the new blog look. And I love seeing your opinions about I have always thought you have amazing taste! Can't wait to see you next...couples dinner? love ya!

rula said...

Hey...what a cuttie..she is a doll and you can see that little personality through each picture..are you just having the time of your life?? enjoy every minute good and worth it..just wanted to catch up and see how she was doing..cuteness, cuteness, you guys are doing so well with it all..way to go Dad on the game cool..give her a love from aunt rudu..wish I could give her a squeezzz..hope all is well with the both of you..happy trick n treating with her..what fun..lov the costume..Tiff hang in there the fun is just starting..look what you've done in a year..just remember his blessings and guidance, is all around us..especially when it gets challenging..God Bless..lov ya Rula