Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Here is an email I sent Phillip today:

Jane just crapped in the bath tub.  Don't worry, I handled it like a pro.  As
I let the water drain, I strained the poop and put the remains in an old
diaper.  I lysoled and bleached the tub while I let her walk around naked.  I
filled the tub up again and did a power cleaning on Jane (I think she ate the
poop because it was all over her face...gross!).  My guess is you are not
laughing right now...knowing you, you are concerned for me and feel bad.  But
don't.  I want you to laugh.  It's not a big deal.  This is all part of
motherhood and makes for good stories when she is older.  
I love you!  Have a wonderful day!

Here is the response I got from Phillip:

Your right I did not laugh until you gave me permission too.


Collin and Rachel said...

Ew. I wasn't laughing, I was gagging. I hate poo. Way to go Tiffany! You're a stronger woman than me!

The Parks Fam said...

ahhhhh the first poop in the bath...I remember the first time Dax did that, Casey was yelling for me freaking out, and I very calmly cleaned it up. Gotta love it. Isn't motherhood the greatest?

Heather said...

hmmm...gross, but she is still adorable!

Megs said...

ha ha are fun. Not always "in the moment"...but hindsight, they really are the cutest things. Good job on blogging it so you'll have this moment forever. :)

Keith and Trish said...

HaHaHa! It's payback time for me!! You used to do the same thing only it was in your crib right after you would wake up from a nap and then smear it all over the while crib. Yuck. Like mother, like daughter! And, yes, it still does make for great stories when they grow up!! xoxo, MOM

Katie said...

Ha ha ha ha that is awesome! Clark has yet to poop in the tub but I'm sure the day will come. Thanks for the great laugh today! Guess what! Clark is 1 today! (tear drop) Wish you were here to party with us Italia style.

Beau and Emily said...

I love this! Way funny! I love Phillips response! ha ha ha!