Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa, scary?

Oh, boy.  I have one of those kids who is afraid of Santa.  Jane will go to just about everyone, but him.  Out of 20 kids at Phillip's work party, our little Jane was the only one that cried.


Megs said...

Oh, that picture is priceless. :) I love it. By the way, I think Santa is a little creepy myself! I don't blame Jane at all!

jakenapril said...

it's all good, tiff. i think all kids are afraid of santa, until they're older and they realize he brings them presents, aka, whatever they ask for. anyway, great pic!

Lindsey said...

Tell me about it! Tyler was great when he was 1, and then not great again until he was 4. It's the one Cmas picture you want them to look cute on, and it doesn't happen! I wonder how she'll be when Tom is all dressed up as Santa?!?!?