Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy 60th Dad

It has been an exciting and wonderful week!  First, my sister Hayley got Engaged to Jake.  My other Sister Lindsey had her baby boy, Jack.  And my father turned 60. Life is good.

First of all, I am so excited for Hayley.  She is so happy.  Her and Jake are perfect together.  They are going to have such a fun marriage because Jake is so laid back, sweet, and hilarious.  He's a keeper.

Two weeks ago, I had an impression to go and help my sister get ready for the baby.  She lives in Idaho.  So I took off one weekend, just me, and drove up to help.  We had a great time cleaning, organizing, and sewing the crib bedding.  Just three days after I leave, March 4th, Lindsey's water broke and now we have Jack.  I'm so glad I went up.

March 9th, my Dad turned 60.  But the real party was on Saturday March 7th.  My sister and I have been planning this for a while and it turned out great!  It was a surprise.  Phillip and I took my dad and mom to a movie then out to dinner.  When we arrived at the restraunt, low and behold, his whole family was there!  He was shocked.  Lindsey spent a lot of time creating a book to give to dad.  Everyone in the family sent pictures and a message and she did a fabulous job compiling.  It was exciting to give that to my dad.  The dinner was "adults only".  So on his real birthday some of the kids got to help him celebrate and give him presents (good old dollar store).  We had Magelby chocolate cake, which is divine.  In the picture you can see Jane, June, Rex, and Harry.  Cute Kids.

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Andy and Kimi said...

I haven't checked blogs in forever! I'm so happy to see new pics and info about your cute family. Yeah for Hayley!! I'm so excited for her. Congrats to Lindsey and her little Jack!