Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beard Man

Here are some pictures of Phillip as "beard man".  Because the chicken pox got him pretty bad on the face and neck, he couldn't shave for 6 weeks+.  I think he liked it.  I had two requirments while he had the beard: 

1. Clean it up.  So I sent him to my stylist and asked her to pamper him .  She massaged his scalp, cut his hair, trimmed the beard, and  shaved his neck.   After, he said he could see himself doing that more often (the pampering thing).  

2.  We go to REI.  Come on, he'd fit right in.

Come Valentines Day I got my wish...a clean cut, beard free man.  And to top it off,  Jane and I woke up, walked down stairs, and all set up ready to go was a kitchen TV for "his girls".  You can see the presentation of the remote on the counter.  Yea I cried a little.  It was just so thoughtful and cute.  I turned on the TV and it was ready to go on KUED and Clifford was playing.  Jane let out a big "Ohhhh!"  She was excited too.  We Love You!

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