Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Good and the Sad

Good- I received Jane's pics from the photographer today! They are beautiful and I'm excited to put them in frames. I also splurged and got a CD so I never have to say goodbye to them.

Sad- My absolute FAVORITE celebrity scrapbooker has resigned from Creative Keepsakes..Becky Higgins. It's kind of ironic, because I just signed up to get their magazine, mainly for her ideas and column. So I went to Michael's today and finally bought her "Best of Becky Higgins Sketches"...because I know it's a must have for scrapbookers and it probably will go out of print (I used a 40% off of course). I hope she only has bigger and better plans because I would hate to have to say goodbye forever. Her layouts are so simple and fresh. I follow her blog quite frequently, and I know she'll keep blogging. This way we'll continue (hopefully) to get her good ideas/recipes and see what she has next up her sleeve.

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aunt ru said...

phil and tiff and janey..i admire your wonderful glad you have landed safe..this is going to be such a neat memory for your cute family
...enjoy and god bless and be safe...keep the blog going so we can keep was so fun to see that darling little girl she had so much fun playing with max and ya bob and rula