Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend Update

We have had a busy weekend here in Las Vegas!

Friday night we went to Hash House A Go Go and loved the food. You must be pretty hungry when you go to this restaurant, as the portions are huge. We ended out splitting (for a $2.00 charge) and we were fine. We had the waffles and fried chicken. Next time I'm trying the meatloaf. I'm a huge fan wherever I go and they seem to have a real spin on it. (Lisa, are you laughing right now because I have a meatloaf fetish?)

Saturday we chored in the morning, went the pool, then took Jane to the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef. We forgot to bring our stroller and were a little nervous, but to our surprise, Jane didn't need it. She absolutely loved going to each exhibit (tank) to see crocodiles, so many different types of fish, and shark. Phillip and I were pretty impressed with the aquarium and thought it was worth the steep entrance fee (luckily Jane was free). It felt a lot like something you would expect Disney to put together. After that, we went to the Burger Bar. With a homemade onion bun, I had the best Hawaiian burger ever. Too bad I was so full or else I would have tried their delicious looking shakes. Phillip had sliders and Jane munched on sweet potato fries. It was a good alternative to all the expensive restaurants at Mandalay Bay.

Sunday we took a two hour drive to St. George where, to our surprise, all our Brothers (except Sam who is on a mission AND Matt and Johnna) and Sister-in-law's met us at Mom and Dad's house for Sunday dinner. We had a great time hanging with family and played some bocee ball. Hopefully we'll make this a once a month tradition while we are here.

Monday night, we decided to go to Yogurtland. My friend Darla told me about this place and there just so happens to be one less than 5 minutes from our apartment. When we walked in, the place was packed. There were over 10 different choices of non-fat frozen yogurt then all the fresh toppings you can imagine. I tried 3 different kinds...Ghirdelli Chocolate, Nutter Butter, and Cookies and Cream. Topped with some gummy bears. Next time I want to try Pineapple. Jane and I split. Phillip is a Berry kind of guy and tried several different kinds and also Smore's (He didn't really like that one compared to the rest). The prices weren't bad and I told Phillip to be prepared to take me there at least once a week. I know it's non-fat, but I wonder how many calories? Never mind, I don't want to know.

So, as you can see, we are keeping busy. Also, as you can see, we love food. A main part of exploring a city is what type of food it has to offer. This city is delicious so far. We live 10 minutes away from Red Rock canyon, so perhaps we'll go on some hikes to work it off or do some extra classes at the gym (I've always wanted to try spin, but I chicken out every time).

I'm not able to post any pictures yet because we haven't hooked up our printer (that is my memory card adapter), so hopefully we'll do that soon so you can see some pics.


ARRON N' L!SA said...

hahahaha, yes i'm laughing, you DO have a meatloaf fetish, which is just plain weird!

Hayley and Jake said...

I think the meatloaf thing is definitely a Tintle thing. I LOVE meatloaf! I'm glad you are having such a fun time in Vegas and making the most of this little adventure. We miss you guys!

Kailing Krew said...

Ughmmm Sam & US! :P

Tiffany said...

Sorry Johnna, I was just thinking of St. George natives. My mistake.

Sissy Jackson said...

Tiff, I love that you are embracing Vegas. The Shark reef is cool...You need to take your man on a date to the top of the Stratsphere and ride the rides at NIGHT! It is a great date and will make you pee! Lots of laughs and Memories! You go Vegas girl! Hay, for YUMMO CHEAP pizza and the best damn chicken fingers (I get em spicy) go to NY Pizza on Jones and Sahara. It will be on the NE corner. Next to Bunker Dance!!!Well, it usto be Bunker Dance...You gonna love it...Get the Friut Punch! My mouth is watering!!!Wish I was there to play with you! Love ya!

Megs said...

You are making me HUNGRY. Can't wait to come eat good food with you! Love you lots! By the way...still need your address or you don't get the "thingy" I was going to mail you!

breyn said...

Yogurtland, are you kidding me! I want one!!!!!!! Wisconsin BITES!!!! Yeah, I am so glad you did it and went with Phillip to Vegas. What fun!!!! It sounds like you are having a great time, eating good food and are taking in the sites. So jealous!!! What a fun adventure for you guys!!! You are also taking the apartment living like a champ! I miss you and can't wait to see you over the holidays (that is if you are back from Vegas). So I totally want to know the website of your favorite bow place. You said you found a website but I might be blind because I didn't see where you listed the address. Let me know (you know me, I am definitely an accessory kind of a gal!!!!).