Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Catch Up

I wanted to catch up on the past few weeks. We had family come and visit for the BYU/UNLV game the weekend of October 10th. I sadly don't have any pictures but we had a blast. My mom and dad came a few days earlier so we could shop, see "Lion King", and relax. That was a blast. Then my brother Jason, sister-in-law Annie, and their 3 kids came. We had a good time at the game...adults only, then went to my favorite yogurt place that I've mentioned before...Yogurtland. Sunday, Annie taught me how to make her famous Mexican food...deep fried tacos (with ground turkey to make us feel a little better), delicious beans and rice. I now will add fresh cilantro to everything when I cook Mexican. After, we went to see the bridge going across Hoover Dam. That was quite a sight, and definitely needed. The little road you have to take between Las Vegas and Phoenix is ridiculously narrow. It was so cool to see before it's complete. We rarely get see such a marvel built in our time.

One week later we had Lisa and Aaron come and visit, they are some close friends from North Salt Lake. They came down for the Utah/UNLV game. This time we took Jane. It was fun and we ended the night, of course, with Yogurtland. Oh, and Lisa and I treated ourselves to $18 pedicures. Good times.

Now back to my little apartment life. Just to keep you updated, I have gone to a "knitting group" and have started knitting. I've always loved the way knit looks, and compared to crocheting, it makes more sense to me. I'm still working on my first washcloth, it's taken me hours. Learning something new is so hard sometimes. I have restarted about 6 times and need to work on my tension, but it looks promising. Also, I am half way complete with Jane's first year scrapbook. That is huge! I just need the drive to finish. I am cooking a ton these days, and since Phillip has me on a strict budget, I have learned to be creative and make use of what I already have, or make from scratch. For instance, I made homemade breadsticks and spinach noodles. That was a first. Lots of fun. I still want to learn how to make delicious wheat bread and how to digital scrapbook. I just got a call from the local scrapbook store telling me they are signing up people for the next Photoshop Elements class. It is so tempting. But I don't have a laptop with Elements (required). Is it time to purchase them? Looks like I have some convincing the hubby to do. Today I tried a spin class for the first time. Wow, I'm all about first lately, isn't great! Loved it. I sweat like a pig within 5 minutes. This is just what I need to pump up my work out. Since living in Vegas I have gone to the gym at least 5 times a week. I look forward to it everyday.


Sissy Jackson said...

GREAT hair girl. Am loving it!

Lindsey said...

It's so fun to live somewhere for a very short time, because you try your best to do all the touristy stuff! I wish I had time to scrapbook... maybe if I could get Mason potty-trained and off to preschool, maybe if things with the office would settle down... maybe... maybe. They don't even have an Archiver's in Dallas! What's with that! I hope you'll have time to come visit soon, I need some family! Miss you! Oh, and Jane looks adorable. I'm so jealous that I don't get to throw a party for a little girl. It gets tiring doing trains and cars over and over ;)