Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Jane!

What a Birthday! We had a blast and Jane was a peach all day. Keep in mind I wanted to shoot my camera the whole time (I don't know if it was me or the camera, but just about every picture is blurry..ahhhh!). Jane was so excited to see the Castle. She loves castles. She loved Snow White by the wishing well and the merry go round.

Then, we ate at Club 33, Jane and I got Fillet Mignon, but Jane seemed more interested in the Cheateaubriand dipping sauce. The staff made Jane feel so special by giving her a Tinkerbell Fruit Punch and a Mickey birthday dessert. Since it is a five star restraunt, I wanted Jane to be on her best behavior. So we got her a Princess coloring book and crayons to keep her busy between the courses. It worked beautifully. Luckily Jane LOVES to color.

After lunch, we went went to the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Carribean. She was very skeptical and held on pretty tight to me. Then, we decided to go see the princesses...the main reason for going to Disneyland. While I took the first shift in the hour long line, Phillip took Jane to Toon Town. While Phillip took the second shift in line, I took Jane to the street parade. Before we knew it, it was time to see the Princesses. We were told that there are 7 princesses, but you only get to see 3 because they rotate. When we turned the corner to see the first princess, low and behold it was (drum roll please........) RELLA! Jane went right up to her and had the sweetest conversation about shoes, twirling, and dancing then ended with a hug. Then Rella took us over to see "White", who was hiding and popped out with her sweet little voice "Boo". I wanted to cry right there, it was so stinking magical. They too had a sweet little conversation. Jane pointed out that they both had red bows in their hair. Then, we saw Aurora. Jane has the hardest time saying her name. She showed Aurora her birthday princess badge that had all the princesses pictures on it and told her the name of each one, but could not say her name. She got a laugh. Then Jane grabbed her hand insisting that they go on a walk together. So they did. It was funny to see a two year old be so bossy (yeah right). Then they sat down together to take a picture. We were lucky and got a bonus princess...Mulan. Jane (kind of) sang the reflection song to her and took her on a little walk too. After the experience, we were all floating on clouds. The Princesses were so darling with Jane and it was truely magical. I'm so glad I got the whole thing on video although I need to improve my recording skills. I'm also so happy she got to see Rella, who took more time than usual with Jane. Because it was the year of celebrations, Jane got to wear a badge that said it was her birthday. It was fun to have so many people tell her happy birthday. I think everyone should wear a badge on their birthday. Well, you can't get much better than this for a birthday. I know she is too young to remember this experience, but Phillip and I will always cherish this memory. It's crazy to think back two years ago at what a rocky start Jane had. I'm glad that's all over so we can continue to enjoy a happy and healthy Jane.


Megs said...

I miss you. Just had to get that out of the way first. :) So, how dang freaking fun!!! I am so glad Jane had such a magical time at Disneyland...I remember taking Belle, again, she was way too young to do much, BUT i got teary, every time I would see her eyes twinkle and her face light up. I love that place! So happy you had a wonderful time. Hope to see you SOON!!

Andy and Kimi said...

Happy Birthday to sweet baby Jane! I'm so happy her birthday was so magical and so perfect!

Darla Davies said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our darling JANE! It's been a while since I've checked up on you via your blog. So fun! You are missed!