Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jane Facts


Height: 34"
Weight: 27.4 lbs.
Number of Teeth: 13
Gross Motor Skills: Run, Swim (grabs rings at the bottoms of a pool)
Fine Motor Skills: Good motion using a pencil, pen, or crayon
Speech: Full phrases and sentences, but we don't understand everything. Substitutes for L and R sounds.
Numbers: Can count to 11 by herself and name numbers 1-10
Alphabet: Can identify over 20 letters


Food: Cheese "Samwich", chicken, hot dogs, bananas, peaches, cottage cheese, applesauce
Book: Good Night Moon, Hungry Caterpillar, Wheels on the Bus, Book of Mormon
Activities: Coloring, Playing at the Park, Jump on Trampolines, swimming, watching doggies
Movie: "Rella", (Beauty and the) "Beast", "Ariel", Princess Sing-a-longs, Elmo
TV Show: Sesame Street, Dora
Song: "So This is Love", ABC's
Hairstyle: Piggies
Shoes: pink crocs
Outfit: It's a tie between Jammies and the Rella costume with high heels


Can say her full name when asked
Time-out works well
Says cute little phrases like "ukay", "_____ pease", "that's siwee"(silly), "I wuv you"
Before a show is over she says, "again"
Loves to be tickled and roughed with
Doesn't like to be dirty or wet
When I tell her to smile she closes her eyes and makes a long face (hilarious!)
Loves to be read too
Entertains herself very well
Likes to feed her baby a bottle
Sleeps in a big girl bed (queen size, doubles as a guest bed right now)
Still sleeps with her lamb blanket
Loves wooden puzzles
Still in size 4 diapers, slightly interested in the potty
Has Cinderella memorized and can say it along with the movie
During the ball scene insists you dance with her
Is horrible during sacrament meeting
Loves nursery
Takes one 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon
Call's Pee Pee, Poo Poo
Loves to play with Dad's face, especially his nose
Will talk on demand now...says bye bye when I ask her to
Loves to sing
Surprises us often with a kiss accompanied by a sweet "mmmm"
When saying Thank You she says "Dae Due, welcome"
Is very sensitive and hates it when I am upset with her
Loves to play with older kids
Brave, demanding, not shy
Snores loud
Good at restaurants and shopping
I melt inside every time I hear her say my name, "Mama"

I am sooooooo lucky to be Jane's mom! She is so cool!

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Sissy Jackson said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your kid. She is funny! YOU are an amazing MOM!