Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Here!

While living in Las Vegas for three months, I had a huge "to do" list of things I wanted to accomplish. One of those items was to publish a book about our Europe trip we took in May 2007. I had intentions to make it and surprise Phillip for his birthday in 2008, but I got three pages into it and lost motivation. Vegas was the perfect time to finally sit down and complete the book. We took WAY too many pictures for me to scrapbook and that is why I decided to digitally put them together. I tried a few different book publishers online (Shutterfly, MyPublisher, and Costco...all of which are wonderful), but I just found it tedious to upload every stinkin' picture. Perhaps that's why I lost motivation. Then I thought to myself, HELLO, you own a Mac, which comes with iPhoto, which you can publish books with, WITHOUT uploading. Yeah! Problem solved...I'm back in the wagon! So after many many days laboring over this book, making sure I was 99.9% factual and correct with dates and information, I completed it one week before my 8th wedding anniversary (Dec. 19, 2009). Perfect gift for the occasion...if I got it on time. For some reason the address was messed up and it never arrived. So I thought, it'll be a perfect gift to give Phillip for Christmas, but it still didn't arrive. I'm thinking with the move from LV to SLC, it got lost and was never forwarded. So the other day I contacted Apple services and they responded immediately trying to track it down for me. Without any luck, they were so nice to print a new one (at no cost) and overnight it FedEx (at no cost). Talk about great service!

So, it's Here! The doorbell rang at 8:00am this morning, I quickly flew down the stairs, opened the door, and there it was on my front porch. I couldn't wait any longer to give it to Phillip (although it would have made a good V-day gift), so I made him late for work and gave it to him right away. He was shocked and completely elated. That trip means so much to him (us) ...Phillip talks about it frequently. It was one of those things we DO NOT regret, and feel we got it right. It was a last hurrah before we had Jane (I was 18 weeks pregnant when we went), and we'd recommend it to everyone. Here are some pictures of the book...or you are welcome to see it in person because I know you are all dying to read all 48 pages. (I really just did it for us and our posterity).

The program was easy...drag and click.
It allowed me to create and insert maps throughout.
Just in case you were wondering...I made the 13X10" hardcover album.
I'm impressed with the quality of the book.

Next on my "to do" list...learn how to take better photos.


Lindsey said...

Hmmm... Maybe I should give up regular scrapbooking and just make Mac books every year???? This looks wonderful!

Harmony said...

Find a digital photography class for that nice camera you have. I took one last year and it was totally worth it. The book looks great, by the way. So does the trip!!!

Sissy Jackson said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BOOK! Im so glad that you two got a GREAT trip in before you had a kid! Good for you! Totally jealous and I want to SEE YOUR BOOK. I LOVE EUROPE!

Andy and Kimi said...

Great job! I REALLY want to see it in person!! You know I'll read every page!

Anonymous said...

Tiff You have done a fabulous job on this book. I admire you how well it turned out. Can't wait to see it! Also, Janie looks so adorable, just a perfect model!
Love, Nana Mare

jakenapril said...

what an amazing idea...and finished product! who doesn't love a good book, especially when they're in it. i'll bet jane loves looking at it too. :)