Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jane Scarf

So I have a new hobby...knitting. I'm completely lost in it and it feels wonderful! It all started with wanting to make those knit wash clothes you get as gifts. Last October, while living in Las Vegas, I joined the knitting/crocheting church group and was taught by an ever so patient (and talented) friend. I spent hours practicing and practicing, starting over and over again. Now I have finally reached a point where I am ready to actually make something. But where do I start? Without my friend there to help me, I turned to something you might laugh at....a Klutz book. That's right, I went to Roberts Craft Store, used a 40% coupon and bought the book so I could begin a project and learn new technique. That book rocks! I have already learned how to make a coin purse, a cell phone holder (attaches to your purse), and a scarf. The scarf is what I'm most proud of because I decided to go in search for some cool yarn (instead of the yarn that comes in the kit).

I came across this yarn...

...it spoke to me...use me, use me...wouldn't I look so cute as a scarf for Jane...so I did.

A few days later and...voila!..it's done and I'm in love.

And now for the model herself...


Harmony said...

Cute scarf. Adorable little girl! (It's easier to get good pictures with such a photogenic subject. :-)

Keith and Trish said...

How about some hot pink golf head covers to go with your wardrobe!

Good for you Tif! It's good to have a side passion that you can go to for fun, relaxation, and creativity. I do that with genealogy, astronomy, Harley, etc.
Keep it up!


Andy and Kimi said...

So talented!! It turned out darling!! Also- did you take these pics with the new camera?? They look awesome!!

Raina said...

I'm just getting caught up... what a FABULOUS scarf!!! And... a perfect model too. You did a great job... I'd be pretty proud of this.

Also... Congrats on the pregnancy! I hope you are feeling well. I need to keep reading to get more details.