Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun Afternoon

Being a stay at mom is a hard job (I could go into that, but I won't), but it definitely has it's perks. I get to spend more time with my mom, who has lots of energy and gets me out of the house. We met for lunch a few weeks ago and ran a few errands in the Draper area and I fell in love with this random, old, ice cream truck. I feel a Jane photo shoot coming on now that the trees are blossoming. I can imagine her in a something brown or pastel pink and a funky old chair. Anyone have one I can borrow? Anyway...if you want to know the location of this truck...I will tell you, but it might cost you.
This pic of Jane is way too close and seeing food in her mouth isn't the most attractive, but boy does she love cheeseburgers. She just dug right in and it made me laugh. Lately so many people have been telling me how she looks so much like Phillip (couldn't agree more), but boy does she have her mom's appetite and good taste for food. Side note...she LOVES Italian...fettucine noodles, and salad. (And yes...those are animal style fries in the background...I had a weak moment.)

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