Monday, April 5, 2010

The Girls

My little "present" opening up a present....When I put the tulle in Jane's hair I told her she is going to look like a present today, and she does.

Grandma Trish gave both the girls darling little spring outfits for Easter. Here is Jane attempting to be independent...

No mom, no help.
I put on.
I do it.
Silence. Struggle. Struggle.

The picture below of June (Jane's cousin) has a hilarious story behind it (the black speck on her chin is evidence of the crime). Click here to read it. June's mom, my sister-in-law Annie, who is an amazing journalist, wrote about it on her blog and had me laughing like crazy. Want to laugh today...take a minute to read.


annie valentine said...

Cute little rat who can't keep bows in her hair to save her life. How does Jane do it??

Megs said...

So funny. She is so stinkin cute. Hope all is going well and that you are feeling good! Miss you like crazy!

Lisa said...

AHHHHH she is wearing the dress i gave her. i feel so special. :)

Lisa said...

hahhaha i just read annies blog, that is soooooo funny. i'm just so glad that i ordered a kid that will never do bad things like that. ;)

Raina said...

Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!! I am always thinking of you today! I hope 30 is good to you!
Much love!!!