Saturday, June 26, 2010

Father's Day

Okay, so do you see this T-Rex? It goes everywhere my nephew Rex goes. I snapped this picture at the Ragnar of him wearing it. Well....
Somehow, one of his cousins got a hold of it, on Father's Day at the park, and threw it up a tree. It wrapped around a branch real good, so there was no shaking it down. Luckily we distracted Rex, so he had no idea what was going on. He came over and asked "Uncle Phillip, what are you doing?" My sister Lindsey replied, "Rex, your mom is calling you". And off he went. We got that T-Rex down quick...and it made for a good laugh.
The newleywed couples (I think you are a newleywed until you have kids, no matter how long you have been married).
My brother Jason, getting some help opening his F-Day gift.

My dad getting some help opening his F-day gift.
Go Dodgers! (My dad...born and raised in Long Beach, California. A Dodger Dog sounds good all of the sudden).
I just can't get Jane to take a decent picture these days....this is the best I got. Still, so cute!


Dana Willis said...

Cute family!
I'm glad your Dad is here in Utah representing the LBC! Woot!

Lindsey said...

C'mon... just tell them that TYLER was the one to throw the T-Rex into the tree! He's such a 7-year-old to do something like that! :) Not that everyone knows Tyler... ;)