Monday, June 21, 2010

Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay

I am so proud of my family! All twelve finished 3 legs each, totaling 189.7 miles from Logan to Park City. My husband especially amazes me...running last minute leg changes that was much harder than what he was planning on with a positive attitude.

Van 1:
Lindsey (My sister who ran the most miles, very prepared)
Uncle Mike (filled in at the last minute- did fabulous!)
Heather (My cousin-aka "lightning"- small yet super fast runner)
Emily (My cousin- Aunt Sallie and Uncle Mikes daughter, so nervous yet did amazing)
Jason (My big brother- organizer and only one who has done the Ragnar before)
Steve (Heather's husband- super fast up hills, had very difficult legs)

Van 2 (Keith, my dad, the driver):
Aunt Sallie (age 48 and is my Hero!)
Kyle (Hayley's bro-in-law, acted like it was easy, I'm jealous)
Phillip (Coolest husband in world, belongs to me)
Jill (Hayley's sis-in-law, married to Kyle, ran the "Ragnar"...hardest leg of the race, did excellent)
Darren (My brother, prepared for hills, got sick but kept going, I'm so proud of him)
Hayley (My sister, I think people underestimated her legs, they were hard!!! But she is young and in shape)

Thanks to Jason for organizing our team, the "Nutter Butter Runners". Thanks to my awesome dad for being one of the drivers. Thanks to the Lindsey and the girls that decorated the coolest cars in the world. Thanks to the 3 volunteers from our family. Thanks to Annie for letting everyone crash at her place. Especially, thanks to all the runners in my family that totally inspire me.

I am happy to say I was at the finish line...37 weeks pregnant, watching 4 kids (with Aunt Heather's help, thank goodness), allergies flaring, swollen, and completely emotional watching the Nutter Butter Runners cross that finish line together. Wouldn't have missed it for the world. I love you all...I am sooooo proud of you! Ragnar 2011, I'm there! (If you'll take me).

My reason/excuse for not running. I think it's a good one.


lisa louise said...

very good reason!! but next out ragnar!!! ;)

Sissy Jackson said...


Deidre said...

I've heard so many good things about the Ragnar! Yeah for your family.

Erin said...

wow. Didn't realize that the race was so big. I have a couple of friends from up her in good ol' Blackfoot Idaho that were in the race.
You look Fabulous. Can't wait to see pics of the new little one.

Jes said...

Love the Nutter Butter name! How are you feeling, Tiff? Thanks for a belly shot! I was hoping to see one of those! Can't wait to see the little lady too! :)