Sunday, July 18, 2010


I haven't posted any details because I've taken my hubby's advice and focused on recovering from the c-section, sleeping/resting whenever I can, nursing Paisley, and giving Jane all the attention and love she needs with these new changes. Also, I just weaned myself off of percocet, so I'm feeling a little less loopy.

Here are the details, it's long, but now it's documented...

Tuesday, July 6

6:00pm: Make dinner for a girlfriend that had a baby. Begin to pack it up.

6:12pm: I feel what I think is my first contraction.

6:15pm: Phillip gets home and I tell him about the contraction. He gets an excited and worried look at the same time. I tell him I "think" it was one, but let's not get our hopes up.

6:30-8:30pm: Take dinner over to our friends house, stay a while and chit the chat about babies, etc. I try to ignore the contractions. I think I was in denial. No way was I going to have this baby on it's due date...yea right.

8:55pm: Try to find a Redbox to return a movie...heaven forbid we get charged an extra dollar.

9:30pm: I was craving a Butterfinger Blizzard, so I make Phillip take me to DQ. As I sit in the restaurant, I feel the contractions a little harder, yet I still question what they are.

10:15pm: Get home, get Jane to bed, make a blog post about the girl's room makeover, lay down.

11:00pm: Phillip has had it with my denial, gets out a piece of paper and pen, starts to time and write down the contractions. At first they were 6 minutes apart and only lasted 20-25 seconds. He looks online about contractions...has a checklist of questions to ask me how I'm feeling. I was a yes/maybe on all of them.
Wednesday July 7

12:00am: Continue to chart the contractions. Now they are 5 minutes apart, lasting 45-60 seconds. Phillip wants to go to the hospital but I am STILL in denial. This is not the way I imagined it. I wanted this to happen in the middle of the day, not during the middle of the night. I didn't want to burden anyone (my mom) by waking them up and asking them to take Jane. You have to think about those things with a second child.

12:30am: Contractions get more intense, it's all starting to sink in that this is going to happen. Scary. Phillip is way nervous too. I've never seen him use the bathroom so much. I start to get panicky. I whip out the cleaners and start to clean the bathroom. No way do I want to come home to a dirty bathroom. Phillip thinks I'm crazy. He helps me do a quick cleaning job on the bathroom so I would go and lay down.

1:00am: I'm laying down, Phillip continues to chart down the contractions, I get one so bad that my body shakes immensely and I start sobbing. Phillip and I get up out of bed as soon as it's over, and without consoling each other, we start to get ready to go to the hospital in a panic. I quietly go into Jane's room and pack her a bag. She is sleeping so peacefully, sawing logs, and has no clue what is happening.

1:30am: Headed to the hospital. I constantly tell Phillip to obey the speed limit. The last thing I want is to be pulled over. Phillip thinks that would be cool. Phillip has called my mom and she meets us as the hospital (luckily it's a good half way point between us both) to take my Jane.

2:00am: Check in. Put on my darling hospital gown my sister-in-law gave me. Feeling pretty cool, excited, and of course, nervous. The hospital is quiet. Phillip and I decide to walk the halls for a while. Dilated only to a 2...hoping the walking will help. With each contraction getting stronger and stronger I lean on him every time. Being alone and together through this was so peaceful and special. It makes me appreciate and love him even more.

4:30am: I've had it with the pain and ask for an epidural. As great as they are after, they seriously suck getting them. Again, I'm grateful to have Phillip by my side, holding my hand. I did scold him a few times for rubbing my back through my contractions because that is the last thing I needed at the time, so sorry sweetheart.

5:00am: I held out as long as I could, and now I'm confined to a bed. Phillip and I get a little nap in.

7:00am: Dilated to a 3. This is going really slow.

9:00am: Dilated to a 4.

10:00am: Dilated to a 5. This is as far as I got with Jane.

11:00am: Dilated to a 7. Yeah, VBAC looking good! Baby's heart rate is perfect.

12:00pm: Dilated to a 7 still. Baby hasn't really dropped. Hmmm....

12:05pm: Contractions are coming quicker, more intense, and I'm feeling some major pain on my side. I have the nurse and Phillip flip me over to my other side. It helps a little.

12:20pm: Feeling major pain in my other side. Flip me over again.
12:40pm: The pain isn't going away, it's getting worse. Doesn't an epidural take away all pain? I sob because it hurts so much.

12:45pm: Nurse decides it's back labor and call's the anesthesiologist. He comes in and ups the epidural dose. Much better. I love him. Tells Phillip to call him, the second I get uncomfortable. He doesn't want to see me crying because of pain again. That's his job.

1:00pm: My doctor comes in to check me. Still dilated to a 7 and the baby hasn't dropped. Starts to notice the baby's heart rate to drop. Great, Jane all over again.

1:15pm: My doctor tells Phillip and I she'd like to do a c-section. I'm disappointed the VBAC didn't work, but everyone reminds me I tried my best and it's for the best.

1:45pm: After getting prepped for surgery, they wheel me into the OR. I'm shaking. I get tears. This is all so weird. I get excited to know we get to meet our little girl within minutes.

2:01pm: She's born! I hear her cry a ton. Such a cute cry. I'm told she looks good and is very pink. The anesthesiologist moves the curtain a little for me as I look across the room and see her for the first time. So cute! It's all a little blurry for me though. The nurses are working on her to get the fluid out of her lungs. Phillip gets teary and whispers the sweetest things to me. He stays with me for a minute, then I tell him to go and be with the baby. They take her to the NICU to work a little harder on clearing out her lungs. Phillip follows.

2:40pm: After I get stitched up and the curtain comes down, my doctor talks to me right away. She tells me I had two tares in my uterus. An elliptical tare above my previous incision in which she could see the babies shoulder through (later on, Phillip tells me that is the hole in which she reached in and grabbed the baby), and another tare below. Her guess is that those tare's happened during that last hour of laboring, which caused the babies heart rate to go down. She is so glad we did a c-section or it would have been very scary. My doctor also talks to me briefly about child #3 and the risks. I have a hard time processing it all. Phillip gets back from the NICU and tells me the baby is doing well. I brake the news to him about my uterus and he said that he could tell during the surgery that something was wrong. We are thankful everything is okay.

2:45pm: I get wheeled back to my room. They bring the baby in saying she is very hungry. I try to nurse, but she doesn't suck. I feel so nauseated that I want to through up. I tell the nurses to give her a bottle. I seriously don't feel good. I go up to my new room where I am completely out of it. I throw up a few times and just want to sleep. I get bombarded by nurses and more information. Can't they see how out of it I am? They try a few things to get my nausea and pain taken care of. Nothing seems to work.

From here on everything seems to be a blur. My nausea went away 24 hours later. I tried nursing again on day 3 and so far it is going well (10 days into it now). We had lots of family and friends visit which really boosted my spirits. Phillip and I feel so loved. Thank you! Having Paisley in our hospital room this time was a new experience and I am grateful for the bonding time we got early on. I am totally in love with her. She is a good baby and a special little spirit. I feel privileged to be her mother. Jane has had a blast with my mom, cousins, and Nana Mer while I was in the hospital. While home, Phillip has made her feel special by taking her swimming (twice), the park, and to movies. Jane loves baby sister and gets excited to be around her. I even think Paisley gets excited to hear Jane's squeaky voice. I love my little family. I am blessed with two beautiful girls and a handsome and helpful husband. Life is good to me.


Lindsey said...

Love the details. Thanks for doing this post. I hope you're feeling okay! I love you!

Sissy Jackson said...

LONG day...hope you recover fast and well. She is DARLING!

Erin said...

Congratulations Tiff, So happy for you. You ARE so blessed to have your CUTE family. So precious. Hope you recover quickly. Love you tons. Erin (Hansen)

Rachel said...

Tiffany she is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!

Heather said...

She is absolutely the cutest thing ever! Congrats on your family! Love you guys!

Triple A said...

Tiff you are so strong. And you didn't even speak a word of all the troubles you had. I'm glad that you are all home safely. What a doll and thanks for the gown info. I looked them up and they are darling. I don't think I can get one here in time but I will remember them in the future. Good luck with everything.

Andrea said...

Congrats Tiff on another beautiful baby girl. I was on pins and needles reading the details and hop you recover quickly!

Megs said...

So glad and grateful everything turned out ok and everyone is doing alright. "Good job phillip!!" I'm so excited to see her...I will call you before we go back to Arizona. Can't wait to see you/her. Love you and congrats again!!!!

Train Gang said...

Oh wow Tiffany! She is so beautiful and such a pretty name for her. I am so sorry to hear about the delivery but so glad that Paisley was safe. what a frightening and emotional day it must have been--and then to have everyone (nurses, hospital people) in your face!!!? :(

she is just beautiful. Your fam is perfect.

Kimberly said...

Tiff and Phillip, congrats! she is darling! glad you are all doing well and jane is adjusting! C-sectons are not the funnest things but at least we get them here! You are awesome. Can't wait to hold her! Love ya!

heidi and tom said...

Congratulations Tiffany!! Paisley is beautiful and I am SO thankful everything turned out well. So much of your experience reminded me of my delivery with Benjamin. I feel for you!! Maybe we'll see you at one of your next get togethers with Holly. Enjoy that baby girl!


Nadia said...

Glad that you are both safe and well. Enjoy your new little family.

Erik and Katherine said...

Congratulations Tiff!! I can't believe you were in labor while bringing me dinner and listening to me go on and ON about babies! Your girls are so sweet and I hope things are getting better for you.