Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So Cute!

This is a great book...we read it a ton to get Jane ready to be a Big Sister. Totally worked!

I absolutely love these pictures:
The picture above was taken the night I went into labor. Phillip months ago decided to make a countdown calendar for the baby to arrive. Every night Jane put a sticker as saw that baby sister was getting closer and closer to coming. The BIG heart sticker marked the due date and she was so excited we were there! It was a great way to help her get excited and to kind of understand what was going to happen. Phillip was amazing to to this and think of it on his own. It's been one month since baby sister has been home and she has shown not signs of jealousy, just love and adoration for Paisley. So Cute!
Paisley, minutes after being born.
Phillip's first time holding his daughter. You can't tell, but his eyes are watery and his smile is huge. So sweet.
First Picture together. From what I saw upside down, she's pretty cute.

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Andy and Kimi said...

Honestly that countdown is so cute- and so impressive that Phillip made it! That crib bedding is so impressive!!