Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Involving Jane

I seem to always hear a little squeaky voice that says "Can I help?". So just about every project at our house, I have Jane in mind. This girl LOVES to be involved. Here are just a few pics of Jane being our #1 helper:

Making the Gingerbread House with Daddy.

Sprinkling the chocolate dipped Oreos for Christmas Neighbor Gifts. She is a good sprinkler.

Didn't they turn out cute? Delicious too!

Helped put on the Christmas Tree ornaments...they were all in a big clump near the bottom. We couldn't move them all season, it was too cute.

My favorite...feeding Paisley, although it lasts maybe one minute before she is on to the next activity.

Jane loves to paint. I taped off the chevron lines on this 4.99 Ikea table runner, and her paint with gold fabric paint. She was very serious while painting, yet loving it. She was very proud of what she did. (She painted the entire thing and never got bored). I think it turned out great!

Pretty cool, huh!?!

I wish I had a picture of this story, but I don't. Last week Phillip went ice fishing with his brothers and brought back one big, beautiful rainbow trout. Phillip showed Jane the fish in the ziploc bag before he went to work and told her they were going to eat it for dinner. Well, lunch time came and Jane ran to the fridge, got the fish in the ziploc bag, hopped up to her chair and started prying the bag open saying "Let's eat fish!". She was so excited. I smiled and said, "go ahead". She got the fish out of the bag, opened her mouth and almost took a bite (with the raw fish eyes staring right at her). I stopped her and started laughing. I told her that she has to wait for daddy to come home and they'll cook it together. That night, she was right by his side as he skinned the fish, chopped off the head, took out the bones, and cooked it. She kept saying, "Yum, fish is delicious". She is definitely her father's child...not afraid of anything.


Erin said...

She is a doll. So Beautiful. I love fish too, Just not with the head still on...:)

Stephanie said...

She is too cute! I miss being her nursery teacher and seeing her every week! She's a fun girl for sure.

lisa louise said...

Well I would comment on all these adorable pictures but I really just can't get past the frilly apron Phillip is wearing!!

Megs said...

I've told you before how adorable she is.... And she is! And you are a good momma. Belle is the same way...ALWAYS needing a project. It's EVERYDAY now and I've even broken down and given her scrapbook and craft supplies....MY stuff! I figure, what the hell... it's just stuff. Her having fun, being creative and using her mind is way more important! Love you girl. I updated my blog btw....go leave me a comment! lol! :)

Hayley said...

I love little Jane, SO cute! I had her sing that primary song for me and she knew ALL of the words. I love it! I made those chocolate dipped oreos too :) So easy, but SO good!

Kaylynn said...

She is at such a fun age! Both of your girls are just adorable!

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Anonymous said...

We miss you tons!!! Jane is really growing up! Congrats on the addition. So darn cute!!

Isaiah says hi and we miss ya lots!!!