Saturday, April 9, 2011

March Madness

Thank goodness for...

McDonalds cheesburgers and playland
My parent's Condo in St. George
Jimmer!!! and my husband liking college basketball and putting up with a bunch of Cougar Fans
Two very happy children (The terrible 3's are starting to fade)
No more Minnesota


Shane and Linda said...

I love the play area at the Centerville McDonalds! We should meet there one day for a playdate!

Emily said...

The girls are so cute!! I love Jane's St. Patrick's day shirt!

Megs said...

Love that Jane is holding a blinged-out purse to go shopping....hahahaha. "Girls!". They learn so young!

Tiff, you guys all look great! I miss you so much!!!! We'll talk soon. Love you!

Sissy Jackson said...

Tiff, I just caught up on your blog...Your girls are DARLING! Such a cute family. Enjoy them while they are young...:)

Jeff & Christy said...

Cute jersey, Jane!