Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New York Day 5

We started out the day by going to the Today Show near Rockerfeller Plaza. Honestly, overrated.
Grand Central Station...I'm married to a civil engineer...it was a must. He goes crazy for rail.
Then we had a "Tiffany" afternoon and went to SoHo...shopping mecca. We ran into the Jonathan Adler store...LOVE his design!
Right outside the store, there were a bunch of weird looking people walking...they were dressed all crazy and futuristic. We found out that Will Smith was around the corner filming Men in Black III and these were a bunch of the extras in the movie.
I bought a pair of darling shoes at Miz Mooz...my absolute favorite brand of shoe right now. They are THE BOMB!!!
We went to Little Italy and ate the most authentic and "real" ceaser salad and pizza. It was amazing, not just saying.
We stopped by DASH. The boutique clothing store the Kardashian Sisters own. Yes, I watch the show. It's a guilty pleasure. There were two body guards in the front of the store and only 13 people were aloud to be inside at a time. Crazy.
I was watching the Food Network one night and saw this Showdown with Bobby Flay in NYC. He was up against the "Dessert Truck" owners and had to make a bread pudding. I am a huge sucker for Bread Pudding. This was a chocolate bread pudding. The sauce was so rich and creamy. The secret ingredient is bacon...who would have known. The Dessert Truck one...and won me over...so we went on a crazy subway ride to find this little shop.
Later that night we went to Yankee Stadium to watch a B-ball game. It was a nice new stadium and a relaxing evening.

On the long and croweded subway ride back to our B&B I made friends with a lady with the cutest scarf. I complimented her on it and right as I was leaving, she forced it on me. New Yorkers can be so nice!


lisa louise said...

ok, if i'm going to have to wait a month between each NYC post, i'm gonna lose my crap.... oh wait i have had to wait a month between each post. You do realize you STARTED blogging NYC on JULY 13th right? its the END of august. i'm just saying you might want to free your schedule up a little bit.
p.s. Love the picture of you in your scarf..stunning!

Megs said...

I was thinkng for a minute....this is the longest NY trip I've ever heard of!! Wow! Then I realized you are just taking forever to post it. I'm not "doggin' you or anything.....I haven't blogged since Jan. And that was just an entire post to update the previous 6 months!!! hahaha.

I'd give you my scarf too, pretty girl. There is just something about you.....
Miss you!!
PS. When I go to NY next, I'm taking you. You hit all the coolest places!

Jeff & Christy said...

LOVED Grand Central and I'm not even an engineer! Or married to one!