Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New York Day 6

This is Cafe Lola. It was in the movie "You've Got Mail". It was delightful. The atmosphere was fun and the food...the belgian waffle was the most scrumptious Belgian waffle I have ever had (Waffle Shoppe makes the best homestyle waffles, this place makes the best Belgian Waffles). No joke.

After Cafe Lola, we decided to split up. Phillip went to go wait in the stand by line for Book of Mormon Musical tickets, and I casually made my way back to Time Square. I walked by the most beautiful Brownstone neighborhoods imagining what it would be like to live there.
I would LOVE to see what is behind this door!
Then I stopped by Magnolia Bakery. As you can tell I love food...and so does New York.
A frequent customer told me to get the Banana Pudding and I'm glad she did. It was amazing. Way better than the cupcake. In fact, I think it had vanilla cupcakes throughout.
In the late afternoon, we saw Mary Poppins. We were pretty much at the very tip top of the theater in the last row in the back corner. Kind of sucked, but the musical was great. I got chills during "Let's go fly a kite". It's coming to SLC and I think it's a must. The stage is incredible and it's quite different from the movie.
One last meal on the back porch of our B&B. Shake Shack and Coke. So Sad to go
Goodbye adorable 414 hotel
Goodbye blanket ofSkyscrapers
Goodbye new to us restraunts
Goodbye to the Theater District
Goodbye chocolate cupcakes at Amy's Bread
Goodbye beautiful and HUGE Central Park
Goodbye oh so many amazing Museums
Goodbye City that NEVER sleeps
We love you! Hopefully we'll see you again soon someday!

We decided to save on a taxi and take the subway to the airport. Kind of fun. We caught our late night flight anxious to see our babies.

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