Friday, September 2, 2011

Lake Powell

We were fortunate enough to spend 3 nights in Lake Powell on a house boat with my husbands side of the family (No kids, except TJ and Kallie's baby). It was dreamy and I NEED to go back. Here are some random snapshots of the trip...including the family talent show. Interesting talents.
Tyson (friend of the family) got burnt the first afternoon, poor guy.
Mom, doesn't she look fab?!!!
Willey and his friend Laura.
Justin, my Brother in law. Excellent surfer.

My Sister in law, Mandy

Tom, my Father in law, aka Captain.
Couldn't do this in front of Mom.

Mom's talent......hmmmm......
Justin's talent...he's good at telling people what to do (just kidding...good leader).

Singing the Mormon Rap
Talent Show
Willey, expert surfer.
I didn't get any pics of Phillip surfing, oops. He gave it a good try.
Chillin with Lynn, my mother in law. Enjoying the (slow) ride and view.
Kallie and Sullivan
Willey is fabulous boat chauffeur.
This is the deck we spent the night on...under the stars.

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