Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Life has been crazy! So what else is new? September Highlights

Sorry for the lack of updates. Life is busy. I actually like it that way. When I go a whole day or even a week without watching my DVR, it makes me happy. And that is how it's been lately. Here are some pictures from September...
I love this snapshot of what I see in my rear view mirror everyday. I love it! They are either talking, giggling, mimicking each other, or singing (Paisley bops her head to the music).

(No comments on the front facing 16 month old. We are both happier this way and I have full confidence in my Britax.)

Jane's first day of JOY SCHOOL! She is one of the oldest in the class of six. I love this class this year (and last year), they are so well behaved and excited to learn. The moms that rotate are wonderful, I feel lucky to know them.
We painted our garage! Not a necessity but it definitely looks better. It took ALL day. It needed a coat of primer and luckily one coat of paint. I'm glad that's over with. It looks great.
Jane wanted to help, how could I say no?! Here she is in all her glory for a whole 5 minutes! Three year old's don't have much of an attention span.
Yep, we got every nook and cranny. It was a great way to spend a Labor Day together. The girls were surprisingly good the whole time. They wandered around all our garage junk that was poured onto our driveway. It kept them very busy. Paisley took two good naps. Jane has always been good at entertaining herself (what a blessing!). But I do have to say, it would have been much faster without the girls...but not much of a memory.
Paisley sat in this Little Tikes car for 30 minutes, beeping the horn, steering the wheel, and talking on the phone. I wonder where she saw that example?
Here is my hotty husband doing something I wish he'd do more often...play with power tools. He was so kind to make me a TON of shelves in the garage. I'll show you a pic of that later.
My family and I went on a trip to California. We had a great time. I am, afterall, a California girl...that's right, born in Santa Ana. My Aunt and Uncle live in Yorba Linda and I love to visit them. We stayed in a beach house (right next to the beach), went to Legoland, and Disneyland. I'll post pics of that later. But the last few days of the trip we spent at Lake Arrowhead in my Aunts Cottage. On our way up we stopped in Riverside, CA. That is where my Grandma and Grandpa Tintle are buried. It's a military cemetary. Being there is so peaceful, patriotic, and beautiful. It felt very reverent and I felt close to my grandparents while there. I sure do love and miss them.
Family picture...My mom, sister Lindsey, me, Dad and brother Darren. We missed Jason and Hayley and wished they were there too.
My Aunt and Uncle took us on a tour of Lake Arrowhead in their pantoon boat. I've done this several times, but I never tire of looking at famous people's gorgeous cabins right on the lake. They are something else. We parked the boat in the middle and went for a swim. The water was freezing at first, but you quickly got used to it (NOTHING like Lake Powell). Paisley fell asleep on grandpa because of the gentle rock of the boat (and it was nap time). Nice.

I love Lake Arrowhead. Wonderful memories have been made there.
Since being back from vacation, I have had a lot of projects to continue. Finish organizing the garage. Go through all of my junk. Sell it on ebay and KSL. But still have fun with the girls. When I'm feeling like a neglectful mom I say "hop in the car girls and let's go grab a cheeseburger (Jane says...but with no pickles and no onions...picky).
We frequent the germ infested McDonalds Playland often. Build that immune system, right?!
Jane is such a good sister to Paisley. Pais can be hard and in the way sometimes, but she shows a great amount of kindness and patience. I truly believe that first borns are pretty special and are able to handle a lot.
I love this picture of Paisley. She now poses for the camera with this cheesy, scrunched, grin. I love it. She makes me laugh. Just today she did it again, but now she can say "cheese"...so cute.


Megs said...

I love it Tiff! You are a good momma and your girls are absolutely precious! Love and miss you...can't wait to see you next month!

Anonymous said...

My grocery sacks are very, very happy. :) So Cute!!!

Lisa said...

I don't understand why u didn't paint in a matching outfit with Jane?!