Friday, November 11, 2011

October Highlights

Again, life is busier than ever! I can't remember the last time I took a nap...and I'm a huge napper! Since we decided to take our town home off the market, lots has happened. I decided to "embrace my town home" by reviving my three bedrooms upstairs. I am happy to say that all of my remodeling has been paid in cash. I used the money from my garage sale this summer, I have sold and bought quite a few things on KSL classifieds (Just discovered it! I'm in love!), and have taken a lot of my nicer stuff and sold it on eBay or on consignment. Being on the Dave Ramsey Diet is teaching me so much. The main valuable lesson I've learned is...NEVER pay full price for anything. And I have done lots of DIY projects. I can honestly say, I like my home again. Because I practically have no budget, its happening slower than I'd like, but I'm also learning patience.

Within days of taking our home of the market, Phillip was called as Elders Quorum President. Moving, I guess, was not what the Lord had in mind for us. Although Phillip feels inadequate and we see less and less of him, I love what this calling is doing for our family. I see the blessings daily. On top of that, we are keeping the "Gazelle Momentum" (for you Dave Ramsey people, you know what that is), and Phillip is working an extra 30 hours every week at Costco. I love and admire all his hard work. We miss him, but are proud to call him our daddy/husband.

Waffle Shoppe has taken an unexpected but AWESOME turn. Catering! We catered 2 weddings and one shower in October. I absolutely LOVE catering. It's what I want to do now! It's a perfect job for a stay at home mom. I just wish we had more events spread the word. We have a great product and it has been a huge hit at these events. If you want to book or have questions...go to our website can't wait to help you!

Here are some picture Highlights from October:

We made and mailed our birthday card for the Sprout. It aired at 7:30am on her birthday. We barley missed it. A good friend of ours saw it and told me. Oh, well.

Horrible picture, but this was such a fun family night. We went miniature golfing at Cherry Hill. Phillip's old stomping ground. I got a detailed report on how things have changed or stayed the same. Sadly the Swiss chairlift near the end wasn't working, but everything else was fun. Nice to enjoy a final warm day of fall.

First Hair cut!
Sorry stylist...your ten minute window has expired. Get me out of this chair and stop round brushing my hair. No movie, balloon or sucker will change my mind.

As for Jane, she loves getting primped. She takes after her mom and Grandpa Keith. She got the most adorable short A-line cut. (Still trying to fix the damage from her cutting her own hair this summer).

For FHE we painted pumpkins, at Jane's request. It was lots of fun. We never ended out carving them because they were so cute.

Paisley says Cheese and poses for pictures with this adorable scrunched face. I love it.
She could be crying or whining, but if you point a camera (iphone) at her, she'll give you this cheesy grin.
We have been to Home Depot a lot lately with all the changes I've made to our garage and upstairs. The girls have been real troopers. I keep dum dums in my diaper bag permanently now.
When Jane's Ariel costume arrived in the mail, I was so excited for her to see it. She's been talking about being Ariel for a while now. She wanted red hair, flippers, and the purple seashells. After her nap, I showed her the package the postman brought. She opened it up and got all grumpy. Do any other kids get ANS out there? (After Nap Syndrome). I made her try it on and she just cried. I took her picture and she refused to smile. I was mad, so mad. After all I spent what little budget we have on clothes for this perfect, glamorous, and requested Ariel costume. I decided to ignore her...for two hours. Every time she tried to get my attention or ask for something I let her know that she hurt my feelings and i have no desire to be around her until she apologizes and is nice. After two hours, she came up to me and said, "Thank you for the Ariel costume Mom"...with a big smile. Yay! She made a good choice! My spoiled little brat of a daughter, is no longer a brat.

Jane's Joy School went to Wheeler Farm. Jane LOVES going to school and wishes it were everyday. Two more years sweetheart.
While I was catering a wedding, Phillip took the girls to the Pumpkin Patch.

My sister Hayley (my business partner), went on a dreamy vacation to the Dominican Republic with her husband and I was left to cater our second ever wedding. Luckily we both have amazing friends that helped out. They volunteered their time to help me. How cool is that? It was tons of fun and everything went smoothly. I wish Hayley was there, she'd be proud. With just two more catering gigs, I will have paid off my half of the business. I am so excited about that. I want to start contributing to our debt elimination plan.
The girls got a bunk bed! They love it. I love it! Great space saving solution. If you notice, Paisley for the time being is sleeping in the pack and play. She's kind of trouble and not quite ready for a big girl bed. Perhaps in a month or two we'll try the bottom bunk with a side rail. Jane LOVES the top. No problems at all!
I'll spare you the gory dead deer picture, but Phillip got a deer! His brothers helped out and it made for a good story, and steak.
The perfect pumpkin for Paisley.
Thanks to Belle Butler's hand me downs, Jane has another pair of ice cream jammies in her size so they can be twinsies. She loves to match Paisley. Paisley has no clue and could care less. Posing for this picture was torture.

This picture still makes me laugh. I turned the bath water on and called downstairs for Paisley to come up and take a bath. She loves baths. I saw her making her way up the stairs and I quickly went to my room to get in my PJ's. I came back to the stairs to greet Paisley at the top and she wasn't there. She wasn't in her room, the office, or hall. Then I looked in the bathroom and sure enough I saw a little head peaking out of the bath tub. Sure enough, she was sitting in the water ready to take her bath. Jacket, corduroys, leather shoes and all. The straight face kills me too. It's as if she's saying, "what? what's wrong?"
We made Frankenstein Pudding for our Joy School Birthday treat.
Jane's Birthday was on Sunday this year. We had a great time with family that night celebrating our so excited to be 4, 4 year old.

One of the activities for Janes birthday was to decorate the 20+ milk cartons we've been saving to make a line of ghosts outside along our walkway. So much fun and so easy!
At Ariel's request, Phillip was King Triton and Paisley was Arie's friend aka a pink mermaid.

The morning after Janes birthday (Her birthday is Oct 30) I woke up to this...Jane playing her new V.Reader in the reading tent Phillip and I made for her birthday. So cute!


Carrie said...

I love Paisley's cheese! Love the bunkbeds! They turned out beautiful, just like your inspiration on pinterest. And that very first picture of beautiful Jane, she looks just like Phil! Such a sweetheart!

Heather said...

This post made me smile! I love paisleys cheeser smiles. I love all the fun stories. It's nice to see what you have been up to even tho I am far away. And they got bunk beds? What?! Sooo cute and smart!

Amy said...

I just love you. So so much. I mean that in the non-creepier non-stalkerest way possible. :D

Jes said...

King Tritan. The straight face in the bubble bath. The screaming pic with the haircut. The whole thing is priceless. What a crack up! Thanks for keeping up with the blog!! We're headed to UT for turkey time ... I need your number. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Paisley's cheese! Love the bunk beds for girl! They turned out beautiful.Awesome so nice of you to share this blog

Ashlie Dalton said...

tiff, your family is so adorable. i love it when you update.
i love the bunkbed and the cute bedspreads. great job! you have also inspired me to try my boys out in the same room for a night... see how it goes. i've wanted them to share so we have a "play room" where i can throw all the toys and be done.
but my most favorite part of this post is paisley, fully clothed, in the bathtub!!! that is so very funny, i love it!
i hope you're going on wed. because it's been way too long friend.

Lindsey said...

I miss you. 'Nuff said.

Lisa said...

I love that little paisley,the bath picture still kills me. Oh and jane in her costume when she is crying is to funny. It looks like your torchering her. Ha ha. But where was your halloween tshirt?

Andy and Kimi said...

Love this!! I need to see you! Did you get my msg last week? We need to catch up- and I'm dying to see what you've done with your house!!