Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Happy Birthday Phillip!

To make 33 not so bad, here are 33 things I love about you...

1. You are adventurous.
2. You are great at mountain biking, running long distances, and being a good sport.
3. You have the biggest, most dramatic facial expressions.
4. You love me with everything you got.
5. You are crazy about your girls.
6. You find joy in the small miles stones and accomplishments of your girls.
7. You have great integrity.
8. You aren't afraid of asking for directions.
9. I love to play geeky games with you.
10. You like to read instructions.
11. Even though it might take a while to get something done, I know it's done very well.
12. You make me feel intelligent, even though you are the one that really is.
13. You love my family, especially my brothers.
14. You love your family, especially your brothers.
15. You can carry a good conversation about sports.
16. You like Coke just as much as I do.
17. You apologize when you are wrong.
18. You help me.
19. You are handsome.
20. You have nice shoulders, hairy chest, lips to kiss (the best I know) and legs.
21. You make the most beautiful babies.
22. You are a hard worker.
23. You are kind and don't speak ill of others.
24. You were a great missionary and loved your mission.
25. You love the gospel and are so curious.
26. You are open minded.
27. You can fix the computer or printer every time I have a problem.
28. You are fun and love to have fun with your family.
29. You care, almost too much.
30. You worry, almost too much.
31. I love it when I actually make you laugh, which is hard to do.
32. You always eat the food I make and never complain.
33. You want to see the world.

That was easy! I could keep going. I love you Phillip! Happy Birthday old man!

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