Thursday, July 21, 2011

New York Highlights Day 2

Tuesday morning we walked a few blocks from our B&B to the Nate Berkus Show. Because I love design so much and I love Nate so much, it was awesome. His studio was beautiful in person, from the floors, to the moldings, to the lighting. Nate was even more beautiful in person. Our episode had a few police women makeovers, the stylist guy from the Rachael Zoe Project, and Gillian Michaels (I even got a free workout DVD!). It was a fun filled hour being behind the scenes.

After being on Nate, we walked over to the famous Carnegie Deli. This is the "sandwich" Phillip ordered. It had pastrami and corned beef on it. I don't care for either of those meats, but I seriously couldn't eat enough of it. It was delicious! This place is not over rated. We even got to meet the owner outside and take a picture with him. He was a true New Yorker...the accent, the jokes, and "rude".

After Lunch we got back on the double decker bus and took a tour of Brooklyn. Here is a picture of the famous Brownstones (the stoops that lead up to beautiful apartments), the Brooklyn Bridge, and the New york City scape from across the island. Brooklyn seemed to me like a great place to live, not as pretentious, and more family friendly but with so much history.
To catch a second wind, we went back to our hotel and took a quick power nap before we saw the next show "Newsical the Musical". It was off broadway and we loved it and laughed our heads up. The show consisted of four extremely talented people and one pianist. The did skit after skit poking fun of the last years headlines. Some amazing impersonations were done: Obama, Christina Agulera, Celine Dion, Sarah Palin and daughter, and the list goes one. Hilarious! Then we ended the night going to the Shake Shack to grab a bite to eat. It is like In-n-Out on Steroids. This is a picture of Amy's Bread...the chocolate/white icing cupcakes were to DIE for! I think I got one every day. Hey, we walked a lot, so I justified the calories.

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